Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank god it's Friday...

Something about friday always brings out the giggles in me. This Friday is a little more somber i am feeling as we are all heading out to the Legion for a fund raiser for the McKeown Family. I am happy to hear so many from Bodilogix will be there supporting the event and it is always a fun time when the gang is altogether. I will have to forgo any wobbly pops or the like as all alcoholic beverages have left my life strictly after returning from vacation.

This mornings cardio was yanked off the table do to a slow start this morning and super tight legs, i will put in 1 hour of Cardio today where and when in the schedule I am not certain as of yet but I have biceps/triceps on tap with the lovely Miss Cindy and will throw the cardio in their somewhere.

3:15-4:00pm 45 minutes of cardio
5:15- 6:30pm weights
6:30-7:00pm additional cardio

Not necessarily "ideal" but ideal considering the busy day with my clients ahead of me... Hopefully there aren/t too many on leg day my gams aching big time and it's only going to get worse...

6:00 yogurt
half cup oatmeal

9:00 Protein shake (banana joe)

11:30 chopped veggies

2:00 salad and chicken

5:00 shake

800 shake

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