Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Onward to Vegas baby .....

I was asked by the lovely and talented Miss Wendy how she could support me through the upcoming 80 days on my quest to win the Fame Natural World bodybuilding championship to be held in Las Vegas November 11. Good question, I need all the support and encouragement a gal can muster as this is for anyone in or not in the know a tough trick to do!!!

The attention to training is gruelling.. the amount of Cardio obscene... and the strict diet... don't even go there sister is just gets ridiculous... I remember sipping a Cinnamon apple tea last go around as I prepared for the eastern championships held right here in Cobourg and I decided I should NOT drink the tea because despite the lack of evidence the taste was telling of perhaps a questionable ingredient that could very well side track my chances in a win and the physical "show ready" perfection I was in search of. Quite frankly the darn stuff tasted too dam good !!!!In hind sight I should have just drank the tea and enjoyed its robust flavour... oh the mind... tricky stuff.

Anyway it was decided that this time around while I prep I should continue to write a Blog and report to all of you what I am up to.The idea is that this seemed the best way to attract support from readers like yourself... I very much would appreciate your comments, questions and feedback if it is of a positive nature and I will do my best to devulge in the most honest light what the experience is like to prepare one self for the challenge of performing on stage as I bid to capture my first World title on my road to Professional status.

I have no secrets, I have no magic, just me, my knowledge and "Will" to achieve the following mandate..

I know from my past experience where I need to take my physique to be worthy of the stage and performance I will be displaying to capture the title so here are the particulars...

weight now : 132 pounds Goal weight: 114 pounds
bodyfat% 23% Bodyfat % 13%

days to goal : 80
Welcome to the ride people hang on it's going to be a bumpy one!!!!


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