Tuesday, September 8, 2009

" Mr. Demill, I'm ready for my close-up..."

Sorry I have been hot in negotiations with my publicist, manager and agent regarding our upcoming appearance on that ever so HOt Hot Hot show, maybe you have seen it... Municipal matters... Well it does, especially when Dave and Andrea's most excellent adventure takes to the airwaves...

Really things have been a little less hairy around here especially since Dave Cromlish has shaved off his lip sweater... Nice. That's street lingo for Mustache for those of you not in the know...He really is quite a handsome fella and I think we may be down a pound due to the follicular shorn... Ohhh sound dirty!!!!

Just the other day as I bid our man Dave "au revoir", I could not help but notice his pants seemed a little confused. I must confess I should really have brought the matter to Dave's attention sooner. Fact of the matter is is looked pretty much like the man was wearing Collates, you know, like a long maxi skort... interesting look... Visualize along with me ...
Could raise a few questions down at the police station. I sure was intrigued, that's a lot of responsibility to put on a belt.
I have since heard there has been some shopping over at the Cromlish household. That is exciting. The man needs pants dammit !!! Pants !!!!

I am excited to see Dave's shape changing right before my very eyes even if his weight loss on the scale is leveling off. We are getting into the real work now. We are promoting Lean muscle gains at the same time we are shedding the body fat and it will soon make more sense to track not only weight but actual body measurements as the inches melt off of our man Dave.

I believe we will be down the 50pounds he intends to be down in time for thanksgiving. Good goal and I support it. That is our next stop on Dave's journey... I as his trainer and friend can see this day clearly and we will toast our morning smoothies high and the Bodilogix will echo with laughter... of course all that will happen tomorrow too, just because it is Wednesday.

trainer Andrea

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