Thursday, January 13, 2011

The "rock"of the team...

The "rock" of the team is the individual in "business as usual" mode. That person that stays even keeled... hits the workout with out complaint, diligently prepares their meals for the day ahead and is prepared for anything as their hectic day progresses.

Funny thing about "the rock" is that it's a different random team member every other day. Who is it today... I don't know, but I think it's Littlechild... I will know by noon.
It's interesting to see on our team who will be the rock each day and who will be my "wild card ..."

The Wild card ...

That's a different story... The "wild card" is the one who is having a struggle, a doubt, a freak out, lets just say... a moment.... I will know by noon.

At this stage of things at day 93... the title is yours for the day. In another month... it could be hourly. Let the games begin...

I believe I may have had my very own first moment... Wild card moment.
Yes as team leader, I very well may lead the way in moments I am not to proud to announce and if you are a member of Bodilogix I am certain you will expereience "a moment" and for that I apologize in advance... "Sorry"...I am hungry...
" Don't feed me! Know matter what, Don't feed me. I know you want to.

I was arriving home after a very long January day in the gym business and my resistance was waning, (I am a night eater), alright who is kidding who, I am an all night, all day eater...
There it was , the audacity. A gleaming full and glorious jar of Peanut Butter... Just sitting there in supermodel style, I think it winked at me.
I know a little place I like to keep my spoons... my big beautiful spoons... it would have been so easy, no one would know, I'd know, then the emotions..

Doesn't he realize he just "broke the law!!!" , what the law?
you know, "the law..."
The law of peanut butter left out on the counter law... It's new... I just passed it...

There is a new law at our house.
It will one of many "new laws" to be made at my house and strictly enforced I might add !!!!
Pity my poor sweetie that gets three months of this girl....

Could be a long three months... I had no idea I liked peanut butter this much.

over and out

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

95 days til Fame....

95 days... and the count down is on.
Where I am at..

I am 15 days in and chose to do things very slowly with regards to the "diet factor". two reasons...
1. The name of the game with the human body is basically as simply put... "There can be no cause for alarm." A gradual reduction in carbs replaced by a gradual addition of protein, and then finally, as I take my carbs down i ramp my fats up to take their place and run my body off fat energy intake encouraging the use of my own bodyfat for fuel.

Bobs your uncle... Voila...sHREDDED!!!

2. Take food away too quickly from the human being and watch the train wreck !!!!

I think a big problem with contest prep is that people don't map out far enough out from their show and factor bit by bit the steps and stages to getting a great look in a reasonably comfortably way while keep energetic and sharp of the mind...

NB The previous comments exclude the last 2 weeks of prep when the group has very few firing brain cells between us thanks to a carbohydrate depletion done on time...

I would like assure anyone who is reading our blogs that as the trainer of the team there is a rather lengthy list of supplement support in these phases of caloric, carbohydrate reduction.

We have added additional
fish oils,
athletes vitamin,
addition c,
flax oil,
Co-enzyme 10,
To name a few in various quantities to support overall health through the process.

The workouts are changing aswell, but more about that in my next blog
Hunger factor at a "5"...
The hardest part so far is eating on a schedule and having to wait a certain amount of time til the next meal and no loger deciding what to eat but merely following the menu.
It's a strict menu...
A blessing and a curse !!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Settling into the "Routine"

The calm before the storm perhaps... I am amazed at how smooth everyone is coasting as we ramp up changes in training schedules, cardio schedules, add classes for increased cardio and flexibility for better performance and least I say the dreaded nutritional changes.

i have already begun the see the difference in my own physique as well as that of Miss Cindy. Chris has a longer period of reprieve ... guys got it sooo much easier !!!!
Any hoooo...

Water is our new best friend and i have broken out the Tea box once again. Tea has since become my "secret weapon" of the dieting process. I have fond memories of countless hours of discussion of various teas accumulating to the "great tea exchange" of Bodilogix.

Cindy... it's black coffee. Cindy got her Kurigg coffee machine in the height of diet season last year and I believe she was high on caffeine for a month straight. I am not sure if she blinked for a month solid, but man that girl can chew gum !!!!!

My training partner joins me this morning for an "out of the lunch box" training date and I am looking forward to hitting the weights today...

I will check in with you all later.


A few more folks seriously considering entering the show and participating on Team Bodilogix !!!
The more the merrier!!!!
A fantastic personal challenge to be certain, a real lesson in discipline.
We have a strong supportive family here and I am available for prep if anyone wants to speak to me you'll find me under the chin-up bar...

Over and out
Cardio time !!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

103 days til Fame !!!!

This just in....

Chris says "Lunges Suck !!!!"

Lunge on my friend... Lunge on!
Great stuff.
We have all but one been assigned our new "unleash the beast" training programs to kick off the new year and first segment of Fame prep.
Gone are the cookies, cake, pie, pasta, pizza ans any and all booze !!!
We are a dry bunch Aye !!!

You know its Fame time when...

Thought I'd include a little sub blog called "You know its Fame time when"
I was running late for my training date with the lovely and talented Miss Cindy... I was finally ready and began the search for my partner in crime when i spotted something out of the usual.... Pink,
There she was... Half naked sequestered behind the three way...

Awww how sweet,
There stood Miss Cindy, topless.. (OK she had a workout top on but it was skimpy)
Posing like she was born for the stage...
Hitting her marks...
Making it happen...
giving her back double bicep her all !!!

I has so excited to see her brave bust out from her winter garb...

"How is it going" I said.
She beamed... big smile covers her face... "I saw Divits"... "I have a V"!!! she says with such surprise...
I return the smile,I however am not surprised, this is a girl that has been training like a beast since last Fame and at times I struggle to keep up to her !
She is in for a big surprise, I don't think she can fathom how much her body has developed this last year until the bodyfat % comes down for the big reveal.
Makes me smile !!!!

Trainer Andrea over and out !!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

105 Days til Fame !!!!

The team of 2011 is assembling !!!!
105 days remaining til the big day....

Team Bodilogix gets ready for FAME...

Follow this blog for all the tidbits and details as we ready our team for Victory at this years Fame Natural Bodybuilding Competetion.

Team Bodilogix

Andrea Johnson
Cindy Adams
Kimberly McGlashon
Becky Deremo
Chris Littlechild

We will keep a no holds barred expose on the team right here on this Blogs...
You won't want to miss a moment of the the thrills, chills, cravings, and all that goes along with getting show ready !!!

Team Leader over and out....