Thursday, January 13, 2011

The "rock"of the team...

The "rock" of the team is the individual in "business as usual" mode. That person that stays even keeled... hits the workout with out complaint, diligently prepares their meals for the day ahead and is prepared for anything as their hectic day progresses.

Funny thing about "the rock" is that it's a different random team member every other day. Who is it today... I don't know, but I think it's Littlechild... I will know by noon.
It's interesting to see on our team who will be the rock each day and who will be my "wild card ..."

The Wild card ...

That's a different story... The "wild card" is the one who is having a struggle, a doubt, a freak out, lets just say... a moment.... I will know by noon.

At this stage of things at day 93... the title is yours for the day. In another month... it could be hourly. Let the games begin...

I believe I may have had my very own first moment... Wild card moment.
Yes as team leader, I very well may lead the way in moments I am not to proud to announce and if you are a member of Bodilogix I am certain you will expereience "a moment" and for that I apologize in advance... "Sorry"...I am hungry...
" Don't feed me! Know matter what, Don't feed me. I know you want to.

I was arriving home after a very long January day in the gym business and my resistance was waning, (I am a night eater), alright who is kidding who, I am an all night, all day eater...
There it was , the audacity. A gleaming full and glorious jar of Peanut Butter... Just sitting there in supermodel style, I think it winked at me.
I know a little place I like to keep my spoons... my big beautiful spoons... it would have been so easy, no one would know, I'd know, then the emotions..

Doesn't he realize he just "broke the law!!!" , what the law?
you know, "the law..."
The law of peanut butter left out on the counter law... It's new... I just passed it...

There is a new law at our house.
It will one of many "new laws" to be made at my house and strictly enforced I might add !!!!
Pity my poor sweetie that gets three months of this girl....

Could be a long three months... I had no idea I liked peanut butter this much.

over and out

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