Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How far we have come, and how far we are going...

Today was a very interesting day. Here at Bodilogix we has a preliminary meeting with regards to our next big challenge. The 100 kilometer "just for the health of it" Walk. I see we are going to have quite an event on our hands and I for one am in fact up for the Challenge. I along with a core group of the organizing team enjoyed a planning chat with our man Dave and was myself very impressed with how much of the "leg work" Dave has already been on to. He is seriously invested in completing this new challenge and I love seeing his enthusiasm for these new and exciting events in his life.

He even signed on for a bootcamp here at Bodilogix starting Tuesday November 10th. Yes we have glass windows but please no paparazzi... I am excited to introduce our man Dave to my Bootcamp Class ! I know he is going to love it and get great results and although it may further strain our relationship I am determined to get him down the 80 pounds for Christmas. i know that is the best Christmas presents Dave could give Dave and I will do all I can to facilitate that.

David has a date for tomorrow with yours truly and I am off to design tomorrows torture... I mean "training program."

Later Gator

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